How to be a good mom

How to be a good mom and have time to live for yourself

Despite the warnings from our mothers, grandmothers, and girlfriends, it’s common for us to underestimate the challenges of motherhood until we experience it firsthand. The truth is, women encounter numerous problems and difficulties, with the resounding theme being a perpetual shortage of time, energy, and financial resources.

Let’s explore four key aspects of this global problem and seek potential solutions.

how to be a good mom

Let’s examine four key aspects of this global problem and explore potential solutions.

  1. Loneliness

It’s not uncommon for friends and acquaintances who promised to provide emotional support to suddenly become distant after the birth of a child. With the demands of daily life, household chores, and childcare, it can feel like you are alone in facing your problems.

If you lack the physical or emotional strength to socialize with friends who may not understand your concerns, consider immersing yourself in a working environment. This can help you maintain a social life, stay updated on labor market trends, and give you a break from the routines of home life. You might even consider learning a new profession during your maternity leave.

For example, data analysis is a highly sought-after skill, and you can acquire it remotely. Data analysts collect and study information to provide businesses with insights on problem-solving and growth opportunities.

how to be a good mom

  1. Financial Dependence

You may have experienced a sense of independence when you didn’t need to consult anyone before making personal purchases. Now, it may feel like you have returned to a state of financial dependence, relying on your spouse for support. If the thought of potentially losing financial security concerns you, explore remote professions to secure an independent future.

One of the most popular remote professions today is software testing. Have you ever encountered a website with non-functional buttons, an application form that constantly crashes, or struggled to find a contact number in various sections? As a tester, you intentionally search for such issues, report them to developers, and get paid for your work.

You can learn the profession through the Software Tester course.

how to be a good mom

  1. Overwhelming Routine

Cleaning, taking care of the child, washing, tending to the kitchen, and more. If this routine consumes your day, leaving you drained of energy, it doesn’t mean you are a bad mother or incapable of managing your responsibilities. Everyone needs to divert their attention to something enjoyable, creative, and inspiring from time to time. In short, everyone needs a hobby that brings pleasure.

If your hobby also generates income, it’s a win-win situation that breaks the cycle of routine. Consider taking a course in web design:

Web designers create aesthetically pleasing and practical website interfaces, helping businesses achieve their main objective of attracting and retaining customers. This field is ideal for creative individuals and can serve as a form of art therapy for mothers on maternity leave while also generating income.

how to be a good mom

  1. Self-Doubt

If your maternity leave is nearing its end, you may be eagerly anticipating returning to work while simultaneously feeling anxious about it. It’s normal to have invested all your energy and attention into caring for your little one, making the prospect of re-entering the world of “adult matters” daunting.

You might feel like the passage of time has created a sense of unfamiliarity, causing self-doubt about your preparedness and determination. Remember that transitioning back to work is a process, and it’s natural to experience mixed emotions. Seek support from loved ones, engage in self-care activities, and consider seeking guidance from career coaches or mentors who can help you regain your confidence and navigate the transition successfully.